The Individual Time Trial Championship organised by the Malta Cycling Federation came to an end on Sunday with the third race held at Il-Mizieb circuit, Mellieha (1.1km).

In the Elite category, Christian Formosa of The Cyclist won his first time trial race this season crossing the finish line in 02:17.16.

Second was Etienne Bonello of Team Greens CC 02:23.66, and third Marco Fiorilla of Pro Action All Stars in 02:29.60.

In the Female category, Michelle Vella Wood – Team Greens – obtained another victory when he was first in 03:27.61. Marion Pullicino of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC was second in 03:40.90, while beginner Donnah Calleja, also of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC, saw her first podium finishing third in 05:04.86.

The Juniors category was once again won by Nicholas Attard Montalto of The Cyclist ending best in 02:40.95. Second was his team mate of The Cyclist, Isaac Spiteri in 02:50.34.

Third was Gianluca Camilleri of  B’Kara St.Joseph SC in 03:22.91.

Ivan Zammit of B’Kara St. Joseph SC got another victory in the Masters 40 + Time Trial Championship when he crossed the finishing line in 02:44.57.

For Gozitan Domenic Cutajar of Gozo CC this was his first-second place of the season when he finished first in 03:44.91. Third was Gaetano Degabriele of Team Greens in 05:13.65.

The Masters 50 + was won by Michael Lia of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC in 03:14.16, while second was Kenneth Zammit of The Cyclist in 03:26.38. Emmanuel Camilleri of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC won also his third race of the Masters 60+ in 03:22.57.

The Under 15 Female category race was once again won by Christina Spiteri (The Cyclist) making a hat-trick in 03:44.06.  Veronique Pace Asciak of Mosta AF Sign Studio CC was second in 04:53.24.

The Male Under 15 category race was won by Mika Zammit of Agones SFC in 03:11.81. The second and third place were obtained by riders from Mosta AF Sign Studio CC with Malcolm Vassallo clocking in 03:12.20 and Matthew Galea Pirotta in 03:16.12.

Overall Results


1. Christian Formosa – The Cyclist                          02:17.16

2. Etienne Bonello – Team Greens                          02:23.66

3. Marco Fiorilla – Pro Action All Stars                     02:29.60



1. Michelle Vella Wood – Team Greens                    03:27.61

2. Marion Pullicino – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC           03:40.90

3. Donnah Calleja – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC           05:04.86



1. Nicholas Attard Montalto – The Cyclist                 02:40.95

2. Isaac Spiteri – The Cyclist                                  02:50.34

3. Gianluca Camilleri – B’Kara St.Joseph SC              03:22.91


Masters 40+

1. Ivan Zammit – B’Kara St.Joseph SC                    02:44.57

2. Dominic Cutajar – Gozo CC                                03:44.91

3. Gaetano Degabriele – Team Greens                    05:13.65


Masters 50+        

1. Michael Lia – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC               03:14.16

2. Kenneth Zammit – The Cyclist                           03:26.38


Masters 60+        

1. Emmanuel Camilleri – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC     03:22.57

Under 15  Female

1. Christina Spiteri – The Cyclist                             03:44.06

2. Veronique Pace Asciak – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC04:53.24


Under 15  Male

1. Mika Zammit – Agones SFC                               03:11.81

2. Malcolm Vassallo – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC       03:12.20

3. Matthew Galea Pirotta – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC 03:16.12


Under 12  Girls

1. Justine De Giorgio – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC        03:57.16


Under 12  Boys

1. Miguel Galea – Team Greens                              04:03.31

2. Luca Vella – The Cyclists            04:32.22

3. Jonas Micallef – Mosta AF Sign Studio CC            04:51.10