In the past days, the present Government represented through the Ministry for Education and Employment as well as the Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, has appointed the new Malta Racing Club Council.

Dr Matthew Brincat has once again been confirmed as Chairman of the Malta Racing Club, a position which he has been occupying for the past 5 years. Messrs Mark Vella and Marco Millo have also been reconfirmed as members to serve with him on this Council.  Tony Demanuele and Joe Zerafa, who up till now had been representing the horse owners and drivers are now confirmed members of the MRC Council.  Joining them will be two new members who will be serving on this council for the first time.  These are Messrs Twanny Bugeja and George Farrugia.

This means that now the MRC Council will be composed of 7 members who will be joined by another 3 elected members by the owners and drivers.  This election is scheduled to be held in the beginning of September when the racing season recommences after the summer break.

The Chairman of the Malta Racing Club expressed his satisfaction that all the hard work effected during the last years has been recognized by the Government and this is reflected in the formation of this new council. He took the opportunity to thank those members who have now been released from their position as members for all their work and also welcomed the new members hoping that they are eager to join a dynamic team prepared to face challenges so that local horse racing can continue to progress.  With more members serving on the council work can be better distributed as long as everyone is prepared to give his due contribution.

As always, Dr Brincat would like to encourage all those owners and drivers who have fresh and new ideas how this sport can prosper to contact him and schedule meetings. He promises to take seriously every valid and viable suggestion always insisting that there is a place open for anyone ready to give his contribution even though he does not form part of the council.

Even though the new Council was just announced a few days ago, work still continued at the Malta Racing Club and this can clearly be seen by the races being presently organized which will reach their best on Friday 26th July when the Summer Championship Finals will be raced. Apart from this Dr Brincat has also put forward detailed reports to the Minister Evarist Bartolo as well as Parliamentary Secretary Dr Stefan Buontempo regarding new projects and proposals which will benefit the Malta Racing Club as well as owners and drivers.

MRC Council Designations

Dr Matthew J. Brincat – Chairman

Mr Anthony Bugeja – General Secretary

Mr Mark Vella – Director Marketing & Finance

Mr Marco Millo – Director International Affairs & Infrastructure

Mr Anthony Demanuele – Director of Internal Affairs

Mr Joseph Zerafa – Director of Animal Welfare, Amateur Racing & Cultural Events

Mr George Farrugia – Director of Maintenance Projects


Article by Laura Cunningham