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The Eurosport Trail Running League, organised by Agones SFC came to a close with the Victoria Lines 19km Trail Run. Mirroring the success of previous races, the race was a sold-out success.

Crossing the whole breadth of the island from Madliena to Fomm ir-Riħ, this race is considered a classing taking trail runners along the Victoria Lines – combining history and peaceful views along a trail of paths, country roads and valleys.

Leading the Ladies group was Tara Abdilla, who having taken part in all four races of the League, earned top billing etching her name in the number one spot in the Ladies’ Overall Classification. Abdilla led the way although the 19k race finishing well ahead of second placed Dzintra Grech and third placed Isotta Rossoni.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this League, which made a refreshing change from road running – this route was nothing short of spectacular and peaceful. The League was very well organised, made new friends and enjoyed the thrill of trail running – winning the overall league was the proverbial cherry on the cake” – Tara Abdilla, winner of the Eurosport Trail Running League

The Men’s group was a closer affair between Kyle Darmanin and Alan Curmi who were on the forefront, leading the way. Their positions remained the same until the very end, with only twenty seconds separating them at the finish line. Kyle Darmanin secured his first victory but his consistency saw him claim the Males’ Overall Classification. Third-placed was veteran runner Charles Cilia.

“For me every finish line is just a beginning of a whole new race. Winning the last race of the League and obtaining the first place in the Overall League was very satisfying. Having to compete in a pole vault competition the day before meant I had to push myself even further. This route was simply amazing” Kyle Darmanin, summing up the overall experience.

“Now that the last race of the League has been completed, we can really sit down and enjoy the success of this year’s League. It has been a very intense four month but the hard work has shown in the results achieved. We will not rest on our laurels and we will continue to work hard towards developing this ever-growing sports” Warren Muscat, President, Agones SFC

At the end of the Race, prizes were given out to the winners by Johann Mifsud, Eurosport Malta Sport Co-Ordinator.

Results – Victoria Lines 19k Race



1st Tara Abdilla 1:40:29,1
2nd Dzintra Grech 1:52:28,9
3rd Isotta Rossoni 1:53:20,2
1st Kyle Darmanin 1:28:34,8
2nd Alan Curmi 1:28:54,8
3rd Charles Cilia 1:29:59,8


Overall Classification

Based on runners taking part in all four races of the League and the total time achieved.



1st Tara Abdilla 3:22:30,2
2nd Dzintra Grech 3:35:19,1
3rd Lucienne Desira 3:49:28,8




1st Kyle Darmanin 3:02:48,8
2nd Ackerly Hili 3:08:21,3
3rd Ryan Saliba 3:12:45,2

The Eurosport Trail Running League sponsored by Eurosport Malta, powered by Merrell and supported by Vivian Corporation and Torq Nutrition. jezebelle fucks harmony.