The Malta XIII train-on squad comes together collectively this Sunday for its first training session ahead of the British Army’s impending tour to Malta next week. The squad will regroup at Victor Tedesco Stadium for a one hour session of The Pit – run by former Malta internationals Daryl Psaila and Roderick Attard.

25 local players were named in the train-on squad earlier this week and will be joined by Australia based 17-year-old Bradley Littlefair and Folly Lane’s Jake Lynch who have already arrived in Malta. The team will continue its preparation later in the week with sessions at the Melita FC and Sliema FC grounds, national team captain Chris Parker arriving on Saturday 7th to deliver two sessions with the full complement of the playing group ahead of the Malta XIII clash on July 8.

The MRL has not settled on a release confirmation for the Bradford Bulls releasing their star international Jarrod Sammut who has indicated he would like to head out to Malta even if he is not a part of the playing squad.

The Pit has a number of the island’s top athletes training each night at its Victor Tedesco Stadium headquarters – the unofficial home of Maltese Rugby League.

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