Next Sunday sees the end of the first part of the local horse racing season with a fantastic programme that includes four PMU races meaning that these are transmitted live for betting all over Europe.

Ten races are on the card starting at 4:30 pm. The first four races are maiden races for Silver and Bronze category horses that have not yet registered a victory in Malta. The other six races are all finals – five of them from the Le Trot Championship sponsored by the French Trotting Association for Premier, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper categories. The other final is the Sette Giugno Cup for the Premier Category. All ten races have a distance of 2140m.

This racing programme is the richest one in local horse racing history with nearly thirty thousand euro being distributed in prize money apart from trophies to the first five finishers in each final. Apart from this, this racing programme is of utmost importance as if it is once again as successful as the first PMU meeting held last December then the probability of an increase in more PMU races is greater meaning that horse owners will be benefitting from prize money much higher than what is normally distributed. The SECF representative Mr Andre Meunier will be in Malta to present the trophies to the winners together with the French Ambassador Her Excellency Beatrice le Fraper du Hellen. Also present will be Ms Mara Blanco who is the International Key Account Manager for PMU. During the four PMU Races which are the two Premier Category finals and those for Gold and Silver, betting is only permitted through the MRC Tote and the bookmakers will not be operating. The owners of those horses taking part in the PMU races had to follow specific rules amongst which that they had to declare the driver and if they will be racing without shoes several days before the event. This had to be done so that the information could be relayed to the PMU clients in order to aid in their betting choice.

All six finals seem to be very well balanced and thus are sure to offer a spectacle to all those present. Lorraine Cunningham Public Relations & Media Officer Malta Racing Club MRC/17/15