For various reasons, this year the local racing season will have a longer break than usual and in fact Friday’s racing meeting will be the last one before the Summer break.

Friday’s programme commences at 19:00 hours and consists of 9 trot races with the most important and certainly awaited being the VOB Grand Final in which we have 10 horses participating. These horses have just competed succesfully in the Sette Giugno Cup as well as the Prix de Vincennes and when one takes a look at their racing dates another challenging race is anticipated. Once again the spectators eyes will be on the timing in anticipation of a record breaking one. The bonus for such a record has now reached €3100.

After the fifth race at 20:40 there is a fun race purely for spectacle as well as a philantropic reason. The top local drivers of the moment will be driving donkeys in what has been named the World Cup 2014 Fun Race and in which the donkeys have been aptly named after the more popular countries participating in the World Cup. This race is being held in order to help gather funds for the Malta Airport Alive 2014 Cycling Challenge for Cancer. Between the 9th and 18th July, 45 cyclists will be covering 1000km in 7 days over 5 countries. These cyclists are doing this in order to collect funds for breast cancer research. Last May the Malta Racing Club had already combined the International Ladies’ Championship with Europa Donna Malta in order to create more awareness regarding breast cancer and now it was felt that something else could be done thus creating the idea of this unusual race that can definitely be a humurous one with the participation of the drivers that are currently leading the champion driver classification. We urge all racegoers to be generous as usual.

In between races we will also be having some presentations. One of these will be for the driver of the month which for the month of May is being sponsored by Winner’s Circle Bar & Restaurant of Mgarr. The winner of this award is Charles Camilleri who during last month won a total of 9 races, three of which were during the same programme and during another one he set a new national record for the 1640m distance. Camilleri during this season had also won the award for the months of January/February. He is currently leading the championship classification and up till now during this season he has won 25 races.

Another presentation will be one of participation certificates to Anton Pace, Dylan Baldacchino, Kurt Saliba, Warren Spiteri and Marvin Cauchi who last summer had attended a short course in Sweden regarding horse racing. This course was possible through funds acquired from the European Union and its mobility project Leonardo da Vinci. These certificates have been sent by professional trainer Tommy Lovgren who was the instructor responsible during the course. In Sweden the group had been accompanied by Malta Racing Club Council member Marco Millo.

Friday is a rest day from World Cup games so we urge the general public to come to the racetrack in order to be present for this very interesting meeting that brings to an end the first part of the season.