The Malta Racing Club has just announced that the best driver for the month of July is Gozitan Julian Farrugia.

39-year old Farrugia has been driving for nearly 24 years and in a career of approximately 3700 races he has registered nearly 550 victories, 17 of them during this season. Since the 1998/99 season he has always been one of the best drivers on the island apart from the years 2004 and 2005 when he had nearly ceased to drive altogether. Before the summer break, he was occupying 4th place in the classification for Malta Racing Club’s champion driver.

During July he drove in 14 races winning 4 times whilst finishing once in second place, twice third and once fourth.

In April 2012, Julian Farrugia was also declared the winner of driver of the month award. The presentation of the award will now be effected once the season resumes during the month of September.

Article by: Lorraine Cunningham