On Saturday 26 May, ASM concluded the ASM Pasta Poiatti National Championships 2011-12 for Trials bikers at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali.

The event started at 16.00 hours and lasted for 3 hours.  Trials is not a speed event but it’s a game for riding over natural and man-made obstacles without any penalties for dropping  a foot or both.

10 competitors registered for this last championship competition with five competitors in each class. The placing for the Championship  was battled to the very last minutes. All competitors were challenged by six main obstacles.

Wayne Zahra made it a point to register his first win of the season which in fact he won over David Dimech and over Theo Said both on GasGas motorcycles. Wayne made nine Clean Sections in which he only lost 11 points. David Dimech place second on the day with 36 points and third placed Theo Said with 37 points.

Yet, in the championship scale Dimech is the winner (77 points) with Wayne Zahra in 2nd place and 65 points and 3rd placed Jonathan Camilleri with 55 points. 14 year old Rowen Bonello finished 4th Overall in Class B.

As expected by many Damon Bonello performed brilliantly with 6/6 Clean runs and finished ahead of Gary Debono who started the event with two incomplete performances. Later, Debono recovered by making 4 Cleans but ultimately, Damon won the day’s event and the Championship too. Runner-up we find that Robert Caruana and Gary Debono both totalled equal points in all aspects and are both place 2nd in the Scale. 2nd places throughout the championship James Zahra performed poorly on the day and placed 4th overall in the Championship.

Now its time for the summer break due to the hot weather and the Trade Fair events at MFCC. ASM will be preparing  and performing track maintenance for the coming season.

Later this month, ASM Officers Frans Deguara (President) and Johann Pace (Secretary General) will be attending the UEM General Congress which is to be held in Belgrade in Serbia for 47 European countries . This is made possible through the assistance schemes of Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport.

Source: Maltatoday