Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th were another very busy weekend for the ASMK Enduro and Motocross riders. Late Saturday afternoon Enduro race concluded this Championship which was based on 6 races held in different locations. The three classes riders competed against time on the 3.7 kilometer long Enduro track held at Wied Incita quarry at Attard.

On this day Class A James Zahra on his 250cc Yamaha battled with Joseph Scicluna on a Honda who registered a best time of 5mins. 52.32 secs. in his first Heat attempt but Zahra bettered his 2nd Lap Time with 5 mins. 43.55 secs. thus winning his Class again ahead of Scicluna. Third place was won by Ian Scicluna on a Honda with his best time of 6 mins. 7.92 secs.

Class B for bikes ‘Over 250cc’ was dominated dominated by Matthiew Gauci throughout the Championship events. Gauci registered his best time of 5 mins. 42.59 secs. and is Runner-Up on the day and also in the 2013-14 ASMK Pasta Poiatti Enduro Championship. Second placed rider in this class is Alex Sant Fornier on a 450cc KTM who registered his best time of 5mins. 55.55 secs. And Mathieu Salomon is 3rd in Class B with his best of 5 mins. 55.75secs on his KTM.

Trials Class C winner is Andrew Albanozzo who switched his class from Class B to the Trials Class. Andrew registered his best in 6 mins. 26.58secs. Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas Trials Bike did his best in 8 mins. 10.60 secs.

James Zahra won the Overall winner’s place on the day with his best of 5 mins. 34.90 secs. Matthew Gauci is Runner-Up to Zahra. Both Zahra (117 points) and Gauci (101 points) are declared as Championship Winner and Runner-up respectively of the 2013-14 Enduro Championship sponsored by ASMK, Pasta Poiatti, Dunlop Tyres, KYM and Thomas Smith Insurance. ASMK also thanks Rainbow Mix Construction for making this last race possible.

The Motocross Races on Sunday were much battled mainly between Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat both riding KTM machines in Class A. Camilleri won the first Heat but won 2nd place in the 2nd Heat due to a fall which resulted in Camilleri re-starting from the last position. Both the 2nd and 3rd Heats were won by Muscat thus Muscat won the day’s event but he is Runner-up in the Championship to the 7 times championship winner Clayton Camilleri.
Edward Ciantar placed 3rd overall on the day in his class. Camilleri won 197 points and Muscat won 179 points during the Championship.

On the day Class B race was won by French rider Pierre Jourdan on a KTM bike. Jourdan won all the 3 Heats on the day while Class B champion Kyle Camilleri placed 2nd in Class last Sunday.

ASMK announced two important dates for on Saturday 26th July, the Autocross drivers will be competing in an ‘Endurance Race’ lasting One Hour of competitive racing with three mandatory Pit Stops. Racing will start late in the afternoon and continue under artificial lights

Another Autocross event is planned to take place in Gozo on 20th and 21st September 2014. This will be held to raise funds for Dar l-Arka. More information is available at