For another consecutive year, a record breaking number of athletes participated in the Teamsport Gozo Half Marathon. Over 1,250 athletes took part in one of races. Apart from the half marathon and the 8 mile races, the event also included competitive 5km and 2km races for children, 8 mile and 5km walkathons and 5km and 2km family runs. Apart from the numerous Maltese and Gozitan families which were present, the event also attracted a good number of foreigners. In fact, athletes from 57 nations participated in this year’s edition

The 43rd edition of the half marathon was won by Ethipian Nuradin Shifa Mahamede, who clocked in at (01:15:25:778) followed by Ollie Garrod (01:15:59:031) and by Gian Pietro Atanasi (01:19:56:504). The first Maltese male to cross the finish line, coming in fifth overall, was Drew Lang in 01:21:43:485 while Matthew Xuereb was the first Gozitan runner in 01:26:33:457.

Maltese national Josann Attard Pulis was the first lady to cross the finish 01:31:25:673. Following her in second place was Marica Micallef (01:37:40:884) and in third place Federica Bongiovanni (01:38:45:125). Gozitan Felicenne Mercieca came in fourth in 01:43:10:330.

Maltese national Dillon Cassar finished first in the 8 mile race at 00:45:54:976, closely followed by Gozitan Stefan Azzopardi who came in at 00:45:56:474. Motasim Yosef was third in at 00:46:10:222.

Roberta Schembri finished first female in the 8 mile race at 00:49:56:210 followed by Doreen Camilleri (00:53:38:923) and Tara Abdilla (00:54:20:667). First Gozitan female crossing the finish line was Charla Pia Vella in 01:03:42:111.

Jacob Greengrass (00:17:43:664) and Pamela Camilleri (00:23:16:637) placed first boy and first girl overall in the 5km race respectively. In the 2km race, Isaac Bonnici placed first boy overall at 00:06:09:504 while Gozitan Leah Said placed first girl overall at 00:07:08:741. TriGozo won the award for club with most participants.

A full list of results and winners can be viewed online at Next year’s event will be taking place on Sunday 28th April 2019.